– Remembering Our Day –

It’s20140718_ROSS_126 that time of year again…WEDDING TIME. It’s crazy to think that last year I was counting down the days until July 18! Since it is that time of year, I wanted to share some of the specials parts of our big day. We wanted to keep our day as simple as possible. Partly because the simpler it was, the more loved ones we could have come. We felt like photography was crucial. It’s what you have to remember the day. So we chose Anna Nesseth Photography…& that was such a wonderful decision! She was incredible! I would really urge you to consider finding a good photographer. It’s so important! All these photos are taken by Anna Nesseth Photography…all the credit goes to her!


I made our invitations and had Office Max print them. As well as “thank you” cards we placed on the tables for each guest at the reception.

These are our invitations. I made them on my computer. Bought paper. & Brought it all to Office Max and they printed/cut them all for me. It was SUPER cheap and I think the simplicity was perfect!
These are our invitations. I made them on my computer. Bought paper. & Brought it all to Office Max and they printed/cut them all for me. It was SUPER cheap and I think the simplicity was perfect!


Then there’s decorations. Which is a big part of the wedding. But again, simple was the theme. Here are some pictures of the different decorations we did. Pinterest has so many good ideas and there are so many things you can DIY.

Remembering our loved ones.
Remembering our loved ones.
Of course, the #hashtag
Of course, the #hashtag



T H E  W A R D R O B E

And then most of us girls love this next aspect of the wedding. The wardrobe. It was so fun to pick out the dress with my family & friends. You’ve heard the expression, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” I had each aspect of that in my wardrobe. OLD = a necklace from my Grandma. NEW = my dress. BORROWED = my Mother-in-Law’s veil. BLUE = my Grandpa passed away before my wedding and I saved one of his blue flannel shirts with the purpose of incorporating it into my wedding. I had the florist wrap it around my bouquet.

My dress is from David's Bridal. The hanger is one I had custom made on Etsy.
My dress is from David’s Bridal. The hanger is one I had custom made on Etsy.


T O M S.
T O M S.

20140718_ROSS_016 20140718_ROSS_018 20140718_ROSS_032


Then there’s flowers. So I had hoped to give good recommendations for every vendor I used for the wedding. But this was the one very stressful part of the wedding. The plan was to be simple and inexpensive. We went to a florist who seemed WONDERFUL at the consultation. She was able to figure out exactly what I was picturing and we left feeling super excited. She gave us an estimate that was affordable so we had no concerns. Long story short, she totally forgot about us and when we called to check in on everything she had no recollection of us. I had to re-tell her everything and she was VERY rude and unprofessional. She gave us a new estimate that was much more. We thought we were back on track and didn’t worry about it again. Then Andrew picked up the flowers on the wedding day and had to write a check….which was more than $100 over what the estimate had been. The colors of the flowers in my bouquet were off from what I had asked as well as other aspects that were different. ANYWAY. It was frustrating, but in the span of things, it was such a small detail. I learned that you have to just not worry about those details because the day is about SO MUCH MORE than all of that. My advice, though, is to really choose well when it comes to the florist. My bouquet was very beautiful though!

My Grandpa's shirt.
My Grandpa’s shirt.

20140718_ROSS_106 20140718_ROSS_107 20140718_ROSS_111


I am so blessed to have a insanely talented hair stylist for a sister. She did my hair and I absolutely loved it. 20140718_ROSS_034

B R I D A L  P A R T Y

Choosing your Bridal Party is another decision you have to make. This was a tough one. I ended up just choosing one person. I had my eldest sister, Jenny & Andrew chose his brother, Nathan. I’m so glad we did this. It was simple and meaningful. 20140718_ROSS_169 20140718_ROSS_178 20140718_ROSS_182 20140718_ROSS_192

F I R S T  L O O K

Some people dream of having their groom not see them until they walk down the aisle. And to be honest, that was my dream most of my life. BUT the more we thought about it, the more we realized it can be so special to have a First Look. Your groom gets to see you and you get to see your groom without everybody there. Andrew and I got to spend a few minutes of our day just alone, soaking up the moment. It was one of the highlights of the day. Either way is great…whatever works for you! 🙂 20140718_ROSS_058 20140718_ROSS_063 20140718_ROSS_067 20140718_ROSS_073


T H E  C E R E M O N Y

Mine and Andrew’s main wish was to make our wedding a worship ceremony. We truly believe that marriage should be centered around Christ. That each of us need to find our satisfaction in Christ and not each other. And we both feel that the Gospel is the most important thing, and so we wanted it to be the central theme of our wedding. Because of that we had a time of praise and worship. We sang some of our favorite worship songs and it was such a special part of the wedding. 20140718_ROSS_294 20140718_ROSS_320 20140718_ROSS_247 20140718_ROSS_306 20140718_ROSS_311

U N I T Y  C E R E M O N Y

For our unity ceremony we chose sand. The purpose of the unity ceremony is to symbolize two becoming one. Andrew and I chose sand because once you mix the different sands together, you cannot separate them. We chose three different colors of sand. Blue to represent Andrew, purple to represent myself, and grey to represent God. It was another reminder that our marriage should be centered around God.

20140718_ROSS_242 20140718_ROSS_339

T H E  R E C E P T I O N

Our reception FLEW by. It was so fun and not long enough! Haha. Again, because of our hopes to make our day “simple,” we didn’t do a meal. If we had we would have either spent an arm and a leg or not been able to invite many people. People, it costs SO STINKING MUCH for a meal. It’s great if that is what you don’t want to do. But please PLEASE please don’t feel like you have to. We ended up having our whole day be later so that people could eat before they came and then we had cakes for them to chose from. And when I say cakes…I mean CAKES. We were so blessed to have so many talented ladies make BEAUTIFUL cakes. And then we served salty snacks for people as well. I have heard so many people say how fun that was. So I would honestly recommend thinking of having a cake reception. It can be so fun and is so much cheaper.

Here are some photos from our reception…

20140718_ROSS_463 20140718_ROSS_464 20140718_ROSS_465 20140718_ROSS_467 20140718_ROSS_469 20140718_ROSS_472 20140718_ROSS_475 20140718_ROSS_515 20140718_ROSS_545 20140718_ROSS_527 20140718_ROSS_528 20140718_ROSS_535 20140718_ROSS_549 20140718_ROSS_556 20140718_ROSS_675 20140718_ROSS_572 20140718_ROSS_580 20140718_ROSS_589 20140718_ROSS_590 20140718_ROSS_681

TO  G O D  B E  T H E  G L O R Y

And here are some of my favorite photos from our shoot before the wedding…

20140718_ROSS_208 20140718_ROSS_125 20140718_ROSS_135 20140718_ROSS_158 20140718_ROSS_157 20140718_ROSS_159 20140718_ROSS_205


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